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Step into BenaRita's Toy World

Step into BenaRita's Toy World

Step into BenaRita's Toy World

Our Mission

We focus on sensory integration training during children's growth. Through some equipment developed in the form of the game, letting the children participate, can obtain an obvious improved effect on physical & mental coordination ability.

Meanwhile, children's intelligence can also be improved to different degrees.

Here we provide qualified, safe, and fascinating products for your family.

Gentle Modern


Our professional team of designers has created a gentle, modern style to provide an elegant choice for kochi family to fit perfectly with their house style. 

For Kids


Safety is our first concern. We take into account the possibilities of children's ergonomics and children's use. This enables our products to pass all mainstream international safety tests.


We use renewable wood from Finland & New Zealand. We also use eco-friendly varnishes, plastic. Reducing carbon emissions is part of our missions.



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